Intraparenchymal Pseudoaneurysm of Splenic Artery due to Trauma, Dr LÊ VĂN TÀI, MEDIC MEDICAL CENTER, HCMC.

Intraparenchymal pseudoaneurysm of splenic artery due to trauma is very rare. In majority of cases, pseudoaneurysm must be resected, ligated or endovascular transcatheter embolization to avoid the rupture of spleen causing hemoperitoneum . However, spontaneous thrombosis formation is occurred in a few cases that occludes the pseudoaneurysm.
We would like to present a case of 16-year-old boy, fought at left chest and left flank by color Doppler a pseudoaneurysm of splenic artery in injured lesion of spleen and then confirmed by MSCT.

Patient was treated conservatively in a hospital. After 2 weeks, pseudoaneurysm had no flow at color Doppler, corresponding to MSCT result, and that was explained to be a spontaneous thrombosis. Follow-up the case more than 7 months there was no problem in occurrence.

To our knowledge, delayed rupture of the spleen in conservative treatment, beside two stages of splenic rupture by expanding of subcapsular hematoma, there is another cause of intrasplenic pseudoaneurysm which is uncommon. Color Doppler is very helpful in diagnosing and monitoring of intrasplenic pseudoaneurysm of splenic artery.

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