An Interesting Case of T-Shape IUD Inducing Urinary Stone Formation for 10 Years at MEDIC CENTER, HCMC, Vietnam, Tai van Le, Triet Quang Duong, Nhan Thanh Nguyen Vo, Thien Minh Nguyen.

33yo female patient, PARA 4004, with chief complaints: hypogastric pain and dysuria for a long time.

She used a T-shape IUD after having a first child in 2002, but removed the IUD at the third month of the second pregnancy. She had more 2 another children from 2004 to 2008. And she reused IUD since then.

Ultrasound detected an intrauterine T-shape IUD  and a foreign body inside urinary bladder with dirty shadowing.


Cystoscopy detected an adherent stone in urinary bladder (UB).


MDCT revealed 2 T-shape IUDs coexisting, one inside uterus, another perforating the uterus while the transversal tip of this IUD inserted the UB wall and inducing stone formation. The later IUD was a complicated migrating T- shape IUD.


At last, surgery removed the complicated migrating IUD which remained with 3 foeti, and proved that there were 2 IUDs coexisting in a patient, one of those inserted the UB wall and inducing UB stone formation.

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